Shipley Connected

We’re excited to announce that the Multi-Story Water project will be among the partners represented at Shipley Connected – a major community planning event coming up on Saturday 25th January… We’ll be contributing to the conversation and encouraging the sharing of stories, memories and hopes…  Do come along and have your say!

shipleyconnctd1And here’s the reverse side of the flyer…

shipleycnntd2This marks the start of a new partnership between Multi-Story Water and the Kirkgate Community Centre, which we’ll be developing over the next couple of years. The idea will be to work actively with Kirkgate to engage local neighbourhood groups in conversations about both their own immediate concerns, and the ways in which these concerns might (or might not!) tie in with a renewed focus on the uses, conditions and potentials of the local rivers and canal… waterways that have shaped Shipley’s history, and that continue to determine (in part) the shape of its communities.