Shipley College (2013)

In response to our Multi-Story Water performance routes, second year Games Development students at Shipley College have created videos showing 3D graphic renderings of selected river- and canal-side buildings in Shipley and Saltaire (see blog for full details). Hats off to course tutors Mel Baron and Chris Dewey for their great work with the students on this. The videos exhibited below have been selected for this page by Eleanor Rabbitt and Steve Bottoms.

This video of the new buildings at Victoria Mills is perhaps the most accomplished of all the students’ work. The blend of movement, architecture and light is really quite beautiful.

This rendering of Salts Mill captures the sheer scale of Titus Salt’s endeavour, and also deftly emphasises the importance of the canal cutting between the buildings (with the locks upstream towards Bingley becoming a giant waterfall!). The interior of the mill has been reimagined with a gallery of the imagination.

Baildon Bridge is a key site on our Red Route tour, and it’s great to see it being given careful, detailed treatment here despite its relatively modest architecture.

This playful rendering of Titus Salt’s Congregational Church, complete with TARDIS, is among the quirkier of the students’ video creations.

We’re particularly pleased to see the Canal Company Warehouse, among all the canalside buildings in Shipley, having been picked out for special attention. This neglected, though architecturally striking red-brick building is, in reality, in a very poor state of repair – so the eerie gothic landscape treatment here is perhaps poetically appropriate.

The bandstand in Roberts Park is also given the spooky gothic treatment here, complete with mysterious mirror and lurching, point-of-view angles. The plinth of Sir Titus Salt’s nearby statue is here buried in the ground like a tombstone.

And finally, this brief but striking rendering of the Boathouse Inn emphasises the horizontal lines of building and its close relationship to the river.

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