Teaser Trailer Quiz!

Just three days to go until the first public performances of Multi-Story Water version 2… Director Simon Brewis has written this blog about how rehearsals are progressing. He’s confident (as am I!) that this year’s revised edition will be “a step up” on last year’s well-received performances.

To whet your appetite, here are three video snippets from the 2012 version… And there’s a quiz here for you: of the three sequences below, ONE has been cut entirely from the 2013 version, ONE has been significantly rewritten, and ONE is largely the same but with a different actor…See if you can guess which is which! (And then come along to the show to see if you’re right…)

Clip 1: Here’s the introductory sequence for Red Route, featuring actors Lynsey Jones (still in the cast) and Richard Galloway (off doing something else now…).

Clip 2: A sequence from later on in Green Route, again featuring the erstwhile Mr. Galloway (now replaced by Paul Fox) as Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Don Vine.

Clip 3: Another sequence from Red Route – featuring the very excellent David Smith (also no longer in the cast – but replaced by the equally excellent Rob Pickervance) as the owner and developer of the Victoria Mills complex, Andrew Mason.

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