Simmering quietly

Ok so here’s a really badly taken selfie to prove that we’re still here…

dec 14 762That’s me, Steve Bottoms, gurning at the camera – and blurring from left to right are Trevor Roberts, Lyze Dudley, and Paul Barrett (see ‘People’ page of this site for explanation of who we are and what we do). This is from a meeting at Shipley’s Kirkgate Centre last Saturday, November 29th… and we were meeting on a Saturday simply because everyone’s been so busy that finding a weekday was a bit of a nightmare. Kind of sums up the autumn really… (Speaking personally, I’ve been a bit preoccupied learning the ropes of being head of department (Drama, University of Manchester) and so Multi-Story Water has had to take a bit of a back seat.)

But… the project is ongoing and things have been happening quietly in the background, despite the lack of updates on this blog. We’re planning a range of events and activities for 2015, working in and with various groups/neighbourhoods in the Shipley area. Writing about them here might prove to be a hostage to fortune, but watch this space for new developments in the new year…

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