New Year: Lower Holme is open for business!

2015-01-12 17.09.39It could be Main Street America. KFC stands proudly in the night surrounded by halogen lamps. But this isn’t America, it’s Lower Baildon, and the cars are exiting (right) onto Otley Road. The long-overdue development at the site of Lower Holme mill now appears to be all done (except for a bit of work on the cosmetics) and KFC is open for business. Pan round to the right slightly from the view above and you get this…

2015-01-12 17.09.51The Lower Holme mill cottages and their half-street of surviving cobbles, separated from the new access road by a verge that will eventually have hedging to mask them off (according to the plans). Spin back to the left through 150 degrees and we have the monolithic box of the new Wickes with its back to the banks of the River Aire…

2015-01-12 17.09.23The stray road cones and other bits and pieces tell of a site not quite finished, but this is basically it… The long-suffering residents of Lower Holme are now looking at carparks and shiny new buildings instead of the rubble, weeds and shabby metal fencing that they had to live with for several years (see previous Lower Holme posts under ‘Categories’). I’ll be intrigued to talk to some of them about how they feel now the place is open for business… But for now, a happy new year to you all, especially Margaret, James, Lynda, Sean, Josh, Heather and Les. x


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