Thankyou Shipley College…

This post is a slightly belated celebration of the final launch presentation by Shipley College’s Games Development students that took place last Wednesday, 5th June. I wasn’t able to be there myself, but I just love the “trailers” that the students have made to summarise and advertise their work responding to buildings along our three Multi-Story Water routes – Red, Blue and Green… So here they are below! (for previous blog entry explaining all this, click here)

Here, Pixelarity‘s Red Route trailer goes for the expansive, Hollywood feel … in tune with the epic scale of some of their buildings, such as Victoria Mills and Salts Mill itself. By contrast, Robot Llama‘s Blue Route trailer goes more for the spooky thriller mood for its canal-side buildings including Hirst Lock and the Canal Company Warehouse…

And finally, Cyberchondriacs‘ Green Route trailer… Somewhat more eclectic this one – I especially like the Boathouse stuff.

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