Shipley River Day – this Saturday!

Don’t miss our special “Shipley River Day” event this Saturday, July 13th, at Kirkgate Community Centre!  There are activities for all ages, interactive discussions, questions asked and answered… Shipley sits at the intersection of two rivers and a canal, but what do these waterways mean to us today?

See our electronic flyer here for full details…

1pm   Family Adventure Walk:
A roaming exploration of the connecting pathways along Shipley’s rivers and canal – complete with storytelling, activities and a bit of history…Please note: the walk starts from the far end of the car park between McDonald’s and Aldi (off the Leeds Road), and finishes up at Kirkgate.

2pm Information Market and Creative Activities
An opportunity to find out more about a wide range of watery topics including:
• Riverside footpaths and cycle paths
• Boating and fishing
• Gardening and allotments
• History, heritage and architecture
• Water quality
• Wildlife and plant life
• Flood management
• Hydro power and energy
We’ll have a wide range of “experts” on hand to share their knowledge,
but they want to hear your views too… Everybody’s opinion counts!

Participating organisations include:

Aire Rivers Trust
Baildon Woodbottom WMC
Bradford Council
Sustainable Saltaire
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
Environment Agency
Friends of Bradford Beck
Shipley College

4pm “Question Time” event
Join us for this special debate event, focusing on the key river, canal and water issues for Shipley and Bradford at large… Put a question to the panel, or share your own views!

The Kirkgate Centre is at 39a Kirkgate, Shipley (right oppposite Shipley Town Hall).

Salt or Sweet? Ask the Doctor…

So. The other week I posted a blog entry (“Saltaire inside out”) about visiting Shipley College and seeing the students’ 3D digital modelling work inspired by our Multi-Story Water routes. Little did I know, when mentioning that the video modelling Saltaire’s Congregational (URC) church also featured the playful addition of Doctor Who’s TARDIS, that said TARDIS would be touching down in Saltaire only two days later…

DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7BThe new Doctor Who episode for Saturday 4th May was “The Crimson Horror”, by Mark Gatiss (ex-League of Gentlemen), in which the Doctor and Clara find themselves in Victorian Yorkshire… in a model industrial village called “Sweetville” that has apparently been set up to save the citizens of Bradford from the foul polluted air of the city… Go figure. Instead of Salt it’s Sweet, but the architecture is unmistakably Saltairey…

sweetvilleApparently the tower in the middle – which in other shots looks remarkably like New Mill’s Italianate chimney – is hiding a rocket ship which (for reasons which escaped me) blasts off at the end of the episode. My favourite bit in this gloriously loopy story was that “Mr. Sweet” turns out to be a doll-sized, bright red, pre-historic leach — a hideous succubus on the chest of Dame Diana Rigg’s batty old villainess character… Said leach has survived over centuries in the river because of the pollutants keeping it alive… Now it has cleverly developed a scheme to produce its own red venom on an, ahem, industrial scale, in order to turn workers into obedient zombies. If the venom backfires it just turns you into a crimson corpse, in which case you just get thrown into the canal for the local police to haul out later… So there you have it. River and canal, both being recognised as fundamental to the Saltaire… sorry, the Sweetville story…